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Jurriën Theuvenet


[tooltip tooltip_content=”Jurriën Theuvenet is an entrepreneur and inventor with an endless passion for people and ideas. Born in the Netherlands and raised on the roof of the world, Nepal. He was brought up from a young age with the idea that with some hard work and an open mind you can adapt to the world and adapt many of the things in it to you. After working for an IT start-up and finishing his masters in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development it was time to introduce the world to ClickTight.”]Read about Jurriën[/tooltip]


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Hans Koeleman


[tooltip tooltip_content=”Hans Koeleman is a former Nike brand manager and two-time Olympian. He has a keen interest in innovation and design plus a solid knowledge of the needs and wishes of today’s runner. He lectures frequently on brand identity, brand culture and the culture of innovation. He was educated in the U.S. at Clemson University and The University of Southern California.”]Read about Hans[/tooltip]

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Raimo Van Der Klein


[tooltip tooltip_content=”Raimo is an innovator and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of the mobile technology start-up Layar, where he secured €12,5 million in funding and grew the company to be the largest Augmented Reality company in the world. Now as co-founder of Amsterdam Industries Raimo supports starting entrepreneurs with bringing products to market. Within Clicktight Raimo supports the team with marketing, web presence, product positioning and community building.”]Read about Raimo[/tooltip]


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Nico van Offeren


[tooltip tooltip_content=”Nico has over more than 30 years experience in branded retail and wholesale. He will advise our company on strategic business issues and will coordinate the Global sales . Nico worked in senior management positions for Euretco, Nike , adidas, Intersport ,Coach and MBT. Since December 2012 , he runs a company with Andre Wierper called Friends of Retail which specializes in change management for Retail and Brands.”]Read about Nico[/tooltip]


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Emiliano Mancini


[tooltip tooltip_content=”Emiliano is a physicist and computational scientist. He is about to get a PhD at the University of Amsterdam in the group of Peter Sloot and has been working on modeling complex systems in the past 5 years. He is also an entrepreneur, founder of Maki Games, launched last year thanks to Kickstarter. Within Clicktight Emiliano supports the team with statistical analysis, online advertising and data-driven decision making.”]Read about Emiliano[/tooltip]


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