‘Click’ = Tight

Hear the click, feel the confidence - ClickTight, the solution that clenches your athletic shoe laces, ensuring they stay tight and secure.

No more double knots

Step into freedom with ClickTight's click-to-release magic - no more tangled knots, just a simple 'click' to open and set your feet free from the hassle of double knots!

Extensively tested

Unleash the power of ClickTight - the lacing solution that triumphs through marathons and beyond, keeping your laces tight, mile after mile!

Unlock the perfect match for every run with ClickTights!

Experience the endless loop of tying and untying laces transformed into a single seamless motion. Say goodbye to the tangles of double knots and embrace the simplicity of a satisfying “Click” with ClickTight.
We envision a world where laces no longer hold you back, where time is saved, and your focus remains unwavering on what truly matters—be it conquering a professional marathon or any athletic endeavor.
Join us as we revolutionize the way you lace up, one ClickTight at a time

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About ClickTight

Welcome to ClickTight, the ultimate one-click solution that puts an end to the frustration of loose laces and unraveling shoelaces. Say goodbye to tangled knots and hello to hassle-free journeys. Born in Amsterdam and fueled by innovation, ClickTight emerged victorious as a finalist in the renowned 2012 Philips Innovation Awards competition. Developed in collaboration with a team of elite marathon and middle-distance runners, including the legendary Wilson Kipsang, three-time champion of the NYC, London, and Berlin Marathons, with a world record to his name. Wilson Kipsang himself raced in ClickTight, pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability.
Our revolutionary product has been rigorously tested by both professional and recreational athletes, conquering thousands of kilometers and triumphing in races around the globe. Join the ranks of those who refuse to compromise on comfort, convenience, and confidence.
With ClickTight, you can now experience a new era of secure and effortless footwear, where every step is an opportunity to move forward without distractions. Get ready to unleash your potential with a single click.

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