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Welcome to the ClickTight experience

ClickTight is one-click solution to quickly fastening and loosening laces designed to eliminate the headache of loose laces and double knots. After two years of research and development it is time to share our product with the world.


And it begins.

The Click symbolises the start of the new. It embodies the precise moment of agreement. It stands for the very instant you realise your desire is actually possibility. It signifies the exact moment you suddenly understand there is only one direction left to go…


Own the Click

About us

The ClickTight team consists of highly motivated members; professional athletes, entrepreneurs and other professionals who share the aim to produce a high-quality product for sporters and runners in particular. Professional and recreational athletes have tested ClickTight over thousands of miles: our system stays Tight and is durable. ClickTight was a finalist in the 2012 Philips Innovation Awards competition and the New Venture Business Plan Competition. In cooperation with TNO, the premier Dutch Technical Research Institute, we focused on finding the right balance between material and product element ratios in order to create a solid product.

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‘Click’ = Tight

The ClickTight solution clenches the laces of athletic shoes. When you hear the click you know your laces are tight and will remain tight.

No more double knots

To open and take of shoes, runners just need to ‘click’ them open. No hassle of untying double knots.

Extensively tested

ClickTights have held its users laces tight during several marathons and much more to come!

How it works

We have ClickTights matching every run

Tying and untying your laces is one of the most repeated acts a runner performs. The majority of runners tie double knots so they don’t trip over loose laces but struggle like we did with untying them. Laces and cords are here to stay but with ClickTight you can eliminate the headache of double knots with one simple “Click”.

Clicktight envisions a future without the hassle of tying up laces all the time. We were able to solve this problem and want to share our product all over the world. It will save much time and enables you to focus on what really matters; whether that is running a professional marathon, or any other sportive activity.

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